About Us

In 1968, a group of concerened citizens determined there was a need for a telephone support service in the community. After two years of planning, Tel-a-Friend, a service committed to befriending, a crisis intervention and suicide prevention service began operation in 1970. This service became The Distress Line, a program of Help Services, from 1982 through 1985.

When the agency was disbanded and programs merged with other services in 1985, the staff
and volunteers of the Distress Line decided to operate as an autonomous agency. The service was incorporated in 1985 as the Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County.

The Distress Centre became a member organization of the United Way in 1987 and was funded primarily by the United Way through June 2015.  Throughout the history of the organization, trained volunteers have been the means by which the service responds to persons in distress.


Mission Statement:

"The Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County exists to provide emergency crisis intervention, suicide prevention, emotional support and referrals to community resources by telephone, to people in Windsor and the surrounding area."

Promotional Material:



Hours of Operation:

The Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County provides an anonymous, confidential telephone service from:

  • 12 noon - 12 midnight (365 days a year)


Mailing Address:

Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County
PO Box 2025
Windsor, ON N8Y 4R5