What do we do about child psychological trauma?

We all come from childhood, so we carry a large number of painful experiences and unconscious wounds that will in every way hinder the healthy and harmonious development of the individual.

These experiences can be very different and are accompanied by different feelings: guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, inferiority, loss, mistrust, meaninglessness of their existence, etc. The feeling of pain “protects” from the awareness of these traumas, and the person sincerely considers it his peculiarity of character. Because awareness will lead to the need to review and re-evaluate too many things in their lives. Here appears fear, which consciously and unconsciously prevents the cure, blocks it. Willful effort not to get rid of such fear, because the price for such an effort will serve to strengthen control, and the loss of their vitality and vitality of life energy.

Many types of psychotherapies (including gestalt therapy) are engaged in order to develop a person’s spontaneous ability to live, overcome barriers and stereotypes, laid in the past.

A characteristic psychological feature of the Slavic mentality is that people tolerate “to the last”. No matter what happens, we will “courageously” tolerate, bear, and hold to the end. N. Tikhonov wrote about such people: “Nails would make of these people! There wouldn’t be any stronger nails in the world!

At a reception with a psychologist or in a psychological group you can find young women broken by their psychological traumas, with faint faces, empty eyes and lowered shoulders. Some of them look completely lifeless, crushed and bleeding out. Others, on the other hand, are so anxious and neurotically aroused that they are unable to focus on their current condition. But they all remember being different, unlike the present, and don’t understand how they became so.

Learning to take care of yourself

Internal psychological comfort is one of the defining concepts of modern life today. It turns out that it is necessary to “take care” of oneself not only outside, but also inside. And the achievements of modern psychology quite easily and quickly allow us to do it (this is what we were deprived of until the 90s of the 20th century).

Unfortunately, many people in our country treat it with misunderstanding and distrust, preferring to suffer patiently, believing that everything will go away on its own, thinking that only “psychologists” go to psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts for treatment. But today psychologists are addressed by modern, intelligent people who experience certain personal and psychological problems.

Today, with the help of a good specialist you can completely free your inner world from unwanted, painful consequences:

  • Any emotional and spiritual trauma,
  • Any psychologically traumatic situation that took place in life (regardless of the statute of limitations),
  • Of any severe or acute psycho-emotional experiences or memories,
  • Of any emotional shock.