PTSD in everyday life

The current attitude toward PTSD is very different from the approaches adopted during the Second World War, when the American General George Patton threatened to use a tribunal for soldiers who were overworked. Today, researchers are rapidly learning more about the causes and treatments of PTSD, and this is encouraging because we now know how

How to get rid of psychological trauma? Anything that might help.

The development of psychological trauma Psycho trauma doesn’t happen right away. It goes through certain stages. Psychological shock Usually a short stage. It is characterized by human adaptation (misunderstanding) and denial (attempts to defend oneself). Exposure It’s a longer stage. It is a manifestation of different emotions, little controlled by the person: fear, horror, anger,

PTSD Stages and Symptoms

PTSD stages Clinical psychology usually distinguishes between 3 stages of disorder: acute PTSD, chronic and delayed. Acute stage Up to six weeks after the traumatic event. The man is moved by fear. Changes in perception of time and reality, space, the person suffers from excessive activity or falls into stupor. Among the physical manifestations: Uneven

Psychological trauma is what it is, its types, signs and consequences. How to get rid of psychological trauma

Psychological trauma is an event in a person’s life that causes very strong emotions and feelings, and an inability to react adequately. At the same time, there are steady mental pathological changes and consequences for the inner world of the individual. What is a psycho trauma It’s a certain life experience that a person isn’t